Saturday, June 27, 2009

Hinduism- Characteristics and attributes of Krishna.

Krishna is God himself, the Absolute, the Brahman, the Supreme being, the complete incarnation of Vishnu, and the great exponent of the Bhagavat Gita. To his devotees, Krishna is the favourite philosopher, teacher and friend. In fact, Lord Krishna and the Lord who dwells in the heart of all beings is one and the same.
The Vedic “uttama sidhanta” which is Srimad Bhagavatham confirms Krishna as the “source of all Avtars and the cause of all causes.” Lord Krishna is the deliverer of the Bhagavat Gita. Krishna when he was on earth as an avatara protected the virtuous, redeemed the wicked by ending their worldly existence and established righteousness on earth.
According to the sentiment and faith of the worshipper the form of God- realization varies. Realization of Krishna by his Grace helps one come out of his ignorance. Doubts and confusion are dispelled, and one’s Karma is exhausted.
Bhagavat Gita, the words of Krishna discuss at length the paths of devotion, knowledge and action.The Lord advices to follow the path of action with special emphasis on devotion.
He who worships Krishna as his own self, becomes one with Brahma or the Absolute. Bhagavatam describes Him as this—“To those who regard him as absolute or formless, he is devoid of attributes or form (XII.3). To those who look upon him as qualified and formless, he is possessed of attributes though devoid of form. (VIII.9). To those who view him as almighty, all-supporting, all-pervading, all-surpassing, i.e, adorned with all excellent virtues, he is endowed with all noble virtues(XV.15) To those who hold him as embracing everything, he embraces all.(VII.7-12). To those who recognize him as possessed of form and attributes both, he reveals himself as such. (IV.8)”
Bhagavatham says- “ He who looks upon well-wishers and neutrals as well as mediators, friends and foes, relatives and objects of hatred, the virtuous and the sinful, with the same eye, stands Supreme” …That’s Krishna.
Krishna was born in the Dwarpara Yuga. He is embodiment of love and divine joy. Krishna is an instigator of all forms of knowledge and born to establish the religion of love. He came as the messenger of peace.
Lord Krishna in Bhagavat Gita mentions the merits of Knowledge with realization. The Sanskrit verse can be translated as; “This knowledge with realization, is the sovereign of sciences, and mysterious, and is, supremely holy, most excellent, directly realizable, very easy to practice and is imperishable.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Memories: i hate cooking

Memories: i hate cooking

i hate cooking

When will I have an escape from this kitchen? It's my mother who tricked me into this cooking, saying it's an art, & every girl should learn this art, etc. When I grew old enough to get married she made me cook for large number of people in the pretence to teach me cooking. And I fell for all the praises I got with my preparations.

After marriage when i shifted with him, i carried loads of receipe books & paper cuttings & tried my culinary expertise on neighbours, friends & his collegues. I didn't know I was getting entangled in a web, just like that of a spider, giving nutrition to all, & never being able to escape..

Now I'm tired & I hate cooking. Wish every meal would be served to me by someone. The men in the house all with good appetite will never let me out of this boring job. I tried all my emotions there in the kitchen. Adding more spice, making it too salty, frying till it burnt, but no use.

Will I ever be able to escape, I wonder!

Memories: Govind

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Today Govind my eldest sister’s son from U.S sent me a mail, which made my day. He’s the 1st grandchild my parents got, so the love & pampering he got as a baby was boundless. I was free as I completed my studies & was waiting to get married. So I was with him all the time, watching him grow every minute.

He was a few months old & my sister started going to office .So it was my duty to look after the child which I enjoyed a lot. One day after his usual bath, I dressed him up,in new clothes [almost every day I stitched a new one for him].That day he was crying too much. I took him around the house, put him in the cradle, no use, he did’nt stop.Then came the idea, I thought I’ll sing a lullaby & put him to sleep. So I started on high pitch at the top of my voice, just like that opera singer. Suddenly the [frightened ] child stopped crying & gave me a slap on my face as hard as the petal soft hands could. But his tiny finger got in between my teeth on a hard bite.Oh! that was real bad, he might have fractured his little finger.

U can imagine what happened next. My mother & the servant came running, but I dared not tell anyone what had happened .My mother found out his sore finger & thought it as an insect bite,[a big insect indeed] & applied some haldi & bandaged his tiny finger.He had a sore finger for a few days but I never told this to anyone. The lesson I learned was a good one, about my talent in singing!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

A visit to home town

Went on a holiday
For some relaxation,
But came back more upset,
everything around my mother’s house
Seems more beautiful, each time I visit,
Though my beautiful mother is no more.
Her presence is felt everywhere,
So the house which she made our home,
Is the best place to relax,
But this time I met her faithful servant
Suffering from cancer just the way she did,
Both were good ,kind & sympathetic,
But why GOD make some
Suffer so much pain before they die?
Are those who die within seconds, of
massive heart attacks more luckier?

At the Temple

Today,at the temple, i saw a very old woman,
Cleaning the sarpa [snake] idols under the banyan tree,
With her bare hands, her hands were shaking,
In fact, her whole body was shaking,
With bent head, and poor eyesight,
She was just embrcing the idols, as if her children,
there was deep sorrow in her eyes
she was not in rags, or did’nt look hungry,
But she was very lonely
She was not aware of the people passing by,
I watched her, wanted to talk to her, but I did’nt
She was lost in a world of her own,